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Ever had an interesting story that can be a big hit in Hollywood but it's taking you forever to achieve it?

Struggles and adversities are normal, setbacks can be avoided, energy and effort can be maximized, you just need to know how to channel it. Learn the missing part of the puzzle. 

You have a mind of a Genius and the desire to be Great in Filmmaking, but uncertain and still struggling on how the process works and how to monetize those skills? These are a few of the problems young filmmakers encounter nowadays. 
This is one of the Uncommon and Unspoken adversity that Film-makers battle with, as they find their way to that level of Success. You know a lot but is it what you need? We know where we want to be but how to get there is always Unclear and Uncertain
Great Storyline – Amazing idea, but nothing materializes due to lack of resources? Unable to plan due to low Funding? These can be major setbacks and impacts the result of your creation. 

Great Storyline – Amazing idea, but nothing materializes due to lack of resources? Unable to plan due to low Funding? These can be major setbacks and impacts the result of your creation. 
Unsure of the next step to HIT BIG? I wouldn’t say it’s normal but it’s common, but why would you allow uncertainty if you have the solution waving at you? 

Ready To Be Part Of The Cut? This Is It, Action!

Get a structured crystal clear step by step process that will make your filmmaking journey easy.

Would you believe it if I say that you can create your Independent film in 10 days and get residual income from it? YES! I found the solution that most if not all filmmakers struggle – STRUCTURE; INFLUENCE; MONETIZE. If you are reading this part of the copy means one thing, you want to read it, you want to see and you want to know how or what the process is, right? Certainly, who in the right might wouldn’t?

I’d like to let you in for a secret, a one-time offer that would change your whole journey with independent filmmaking. I have confidence that this course would give value to your quest toward becoming a filmmaker.
Do you have what it takes to create that film that depicts how your great mind works? Do you have a structured plan that would maximize and exhaust your resources and showcase the best outcome? We hear a lot about “Low Budget = Low-Quality Film”, this statement is not completely true if we have a structure, thus this eBook gives you the step-by-step process.

Independent filmmaking has deep roots of expression and great ideas, unlike box office films the purpose is not to produce money but are often projects of passion, this eBook is not to change that but to just give you the full potential of your skill by showing you a structured and unique techniques and getting residual income.

The distance between your dream and reality is called “ACTION”.

"This eBook Gave Me A Clear Understanding On How I Can Be A Better Producer"

Real Results From Real People...
"It's a Game-Changing Book!"
Sloan thank you, for this Game-changing Book! I knew from the start that this is something different and I knew that these techniques are one of a kind and guaranteed “Must Read eBook”. This eBook showed me the path I need to take to get to where I want to be. All I had was my ambition and passion, but with your eBook coming to my life, it’s a match made in heaven, and oh boy! This is really something! 

- Carlisle R.

"Started reading the book and saw the potential of it!"
I almost lost the drive to move forward, I lost the spark when I hit bottom and didn’t get the result that I was aiming. Until I saw this eBook, I learned a lot and more than what I knew before. At first, I was hesitant because of the additional expenses but when I started reading the book and saw the potential of it, I knew that my decision was the right thing. This book is a masterpiece. Thank you, Sloan this eBook is an eyeopener and a great tool to guide artist that is new in the business

- Tara V.

"The Experience and Learning is Outstanding!”
I thought that passion alone would get me far. I almost lost the drive to move forward. With his experience and techniques, I wouldn’t even doubt for a second that this eBook will be a great and successful guide to all those who seek understanding and learning the core of Filmmaking! His experience and knowledge would spread and thanks to this eBook that wouldn’t be far-fetched.

- Alexis B.

Meet the person behind the powerful Filmmaking eBook

Hey, I'm Ramon Sloan

I’m no rich man, but I am a man of perseverance and consistency.

We would hear a lot of humble beginning stories when you read something about the CEO, Founder, President. I am not here just to tell you a story about who I am and my company.

I have been in the film industry for quite some time, enough to learn what’s beneficial and not and through the years of being in the industry I have noticed a lot of things most of the film makers are in a dilemma.

This common frustrations and questions from people who wants to know how and what I do made me decide to do something about the dilemma. I felt like it was an obligation to my fellow film makers. Thus, this eBook is born. This eBook is almost the story of my life and how I was able to achieve all the success that I have. I have premiered films at reputable theaters that have drawn thousands of attendees. 

I have worked some of the best talent in the independent film industry to name a few; Brandon Cornett aka Beasy Jones who’s directed hit indie films Deceitful Passions, Child Support, Circumstances 1 & 2, Weight. Actors such as Jamal Woolard from The hit movie Notorious, The Bag Girls, and more, Shay Johnson from Love & HipHop & the Flavor of Love, Fatboy from I Got The Hook Up 2, and Demaris Harvey whose played in a host of film: First Lady 1 & 2 , Plug Love , Birthday Behavior, & Circumstances 1 & 2.

Being Ramon Sloan is not easy, it’s like creating a movie that would resonate to a lot of people, but once you’ve come to complete the movie, the ending would be sweet success.
It’s not about luck it’s about the hard work and relentless drive for constant progress.

Deep Dive Into The Comprehensive Guide Of Filmaking

You Shouldn't Be Alone In This Journey, I'm Here To Help...
Finding Your Style Without Losing Your Passion
  Value: $2,500

  Value: $2,500
Turning Your Creativity Into A Residual Cash Flow
  Value: $2,500
Structured Process Of Filmmaking 
  Value: $1,000

Finding The Right 
  Value: $1,000
Low Budget Crew 
  Value: $500
Total Value: $8,500
Total Value: $197

Price Today: $97

Make The Best Film You’ve Ever Dreamed Of Producing Today When You Get This Guide!

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